SemantixPro – Keyword Research Software

SemantixPro – Keyword Research Software

Are You Sick Of Endlessly Fighting To Get Rankings? Are You Tired Of Constant Google Slaps?

“Revolutionary New Software RIPS Up The SEO Rulebook & Gives YOU The Advantage!”

Discount Reduces With Every Sale…Hurry!

SemantixPro Software

Drive Your Rankings Like A Rocket – With The Latest In Automated Semantic Keyword Research.

Dear Friend,

It’s Simon Greenhalgh and Andy Black here.

When we started in SEO – it was easy to get rankings.

It was even easy to fool the search engines such as Google, Altavista and Lycos. Just putting your keyword everywhere was enough.

Things have REALLY changed since then.

I’m guessing you already know how hard it’s become – but before we get into that, I just want to tell you that we found  the solution.

It wasn’t easy – but we did it. 

We’ve Tapped Into A Radical New Ranking StrategyWhich Is Going To Put A Stop To The Endless Slaps!

Our system is a white hat, ethical solution – that, unlike all the loopholes people are offering, will stand the test of time.

I’m talking about automated semantic keyword research. With the ability to tap into a little-known SEO strategy usually used by industry experts.

There has NEVER been software like this before.

Until now all we’ve had are endless loopholes, Google slaps and underground tools that do more harm than good.

That’s what SEO software has become in our community. Dangerous.

It hasn’t always been like this…

Getting Rankings Is Harder Than Ever – And A Simple Change Can Destroy YOUR Results In An Instant

It used to be easy – but none of those old strategies worked anymore. And we were letting people down. No two ways about it.

Right now – think about who you’ve let down.

It’s your website and your business that has suffered.

It’s your income that has been damaged. It’s YOU that has been working late night after late night.

This means that you have ZERO free time.

How much time with your loved ones are you missing out on because of the never-ending fight to get rankings?

Presenting SemantixPro – The Next Generation Of Semantic Keyword Research…

This Is Your Chance To Escape The Endless Google Slaps And Loopholes That NEVER Last…

SemantixPro Is The Secret Behind Our Radical,Proven Ranking System!

SemantixPro is the ultimate semantic keyword research tool – essentially it is a PC compatible desktop app (NOTE: It can be used a Mac using Parallels or VMFusion).

What makes SemantixPro so amazing is how it suits both the beginner and the professional.

It’s no exaggeration to say SemantixPro is…

The Most Complete Semantic Keyword Research Tool Ever Created

Let me show you what I mean:

Here Is What It Will Do For You

SemantixPro is going to free you from the endless struggle to uncover the “right keywords” that are proven to rank your content.

Imagine Being Able To Identify Your Competitors Ranking Secrets At The Touch Of A Button.

It’s THAT simple.

Imagine Being Able To Easily Steal Your Competitors Ranking Secrets…

But what is “Semantic Keyword Research”?

Put simply, semantic search is technology that tries to determine what a user actually MEANS when they type in a keyword.

In 2014 search engines try to figure out the meaning behind any given search term.

For example, if someone types in “dry skin” do they mean:

  • Psoriasis
  • Ezcema
  • Home remedies
  • Creams
  • Face/legs/hands
  • Pets

How Does This Affect Your SEO?

In your SEO, semantic search means you need to find the right keywords based on what your user wants…and then build your content around all of them.

The problem is that traditional keyword research is dead!

In the past we would simply choose the keywords with the highest volume VS the lowest competition. A single page of content would be used to rank for one or two keywords.

In the modern SEO world, experts go one step further. We now build content that is “themed” around a large database of semantically relevant groups of keywords.

The next BIG problem is that this process is very time consuming…

Manually writing down every „related search“ for every keyword is highly effective but VERY time consuming…

Using Google Instant is another useful but pain-staking strategy…

It’s Time To Forget Old-Hat Keyword Research…

We’ve spent far too much time trying to trick Google. Then when that didn’t work, we did everything we could to please Google.

Guess what? That didn’t work for very long either.

They keep moving the goal posts.

Then we figured out something very IMPORTANT.

We decided to stop following the latest strategies and loop-holes and look to our competitors for the answers.

Let’s put it another way.

What about if we analyze the semantic keywords of top ranking content?

As you can see in the image below, this strategy worked perfectly. BUT…

Manually identifying and noting down the semantic keywords on the top ranking pages was even more time consuming that using Google instant and related searches!

Crazy Proven Strategy: Actively Ignoring “Keyword Research” Can Be One Of The BEST Ways To Rank In Google!

Massively Increased Results Thanks To SemantixPro & Our ‚Semantic Research‘ Strategy

SemantixPro works because it automates THE MOST POWERFUL keyword strategy in modern SEO…

Windows or Parallels/VMFusion

SemantixPro is primarily a Windows desktop app but Mac users can use the tool with „Parallels“ or „VMFusion“.

Main Interface

It’s as easy as entering a keyword, choosing how many results you want and then watch as SemantixPro uses intelligent, built-in algorithms to analyze top ranking content and automate your semantic keyword research.

Exrtracted URLs

SemantixPro will search Google for the top ranking content for any given keyword and return a list of highly authoritative pages ready for detailed analysis.

Intelligent Semantic Analysis

The powerful built-in algorithms will automatically analyze each extracted URL and build a database of relevant semantic keywords which are proven to rank content for your target theme.

Fast Filtering and Grouping

Quickly filter your semantic keywords to remove negative words, longer keywords and group into themes. This feature alone saves hundreds of hours!

One Click Exporting

Click a single button and SemantixPro will quickly create text files of your analyzed, filtered and grouped semantic keywords and export them to your computer.

Here Is EXACTLY WHAT You’re Getting!

The SemantixPro PC Desktop App – Valued At $67

At the core of this package is the SemantixPro Windows desktop app.

The app will retail for $67 for a single license without training or bonuses.

We are now preparing to sell SemantixPro to marketing, PR and SEO agencies – and the price will be a lot more than even the $67 public price.

Thankfully, you can take advantage of the launch offer and lock in the lowest possible prices and deep discounts.

Bonus Training To Max Out Your Results! – Worth $47

We’ve got some seriously powerful bonuses lined up for you – showing you exactly how to dominate traffic for your niche.

Special free LIVE speed ranking class for you…

It’s no secret that video’s the fastest way to first page of Google even for tough competitive money making keywords.

If you’re an affiliate, a product creator, a local business marketing consultant, a business, or just wanting to get exposure to your business on the first page of Google you’ll want to put these 6 pillars to speed ranking on Google.

Total Real World Value $114.00

This special, never to be repeated SemantixPro offer is so powerful because it changes the balance of power.

Up until now – all the power has been out of our hands. Our rankings and traffic has been controlled by the whims of those at Google – and the SEO gurus who are always out in front.

It’s not practical or realistic for us all to jump from loophole to loophole, constantly buying new software.

Only the ‘gurus’ have the time, money and manpower to do that.

SemantixPro is the only semantic keyword research tool you will EVER need.

You are getting an astonishing deal precisely because of this. We want to change our marketplace.

Get rid of the overpriced tools and loopholes. Destroy the constant threat that Google holds over so many of us.

Isn’t it time to get back to just getting rankings and traffic? Without the B.S ?

When SemantixPro Officially Launches to The Public – It will Cost $67 – This Is Your ONLY Chance To Grab A Once In A Lifetime Saving

But We Aren’t Going to Ask You For $67. Nothing Like That.

For the next few days, we have a very special ‘launch window’ – where we both can win.

The fact is – a special priced launch, allows us to reach EXACTLY the right people.

People who would benefit from SemantixPro the most.

So – we’ve decided to make a VERY special offer just for them.

Just for people like you.

We Don’t Have To Pay Inflated Advertising And Promotional Costs…

We Get To Pass These Savings On To You Meaning We Can Slash The Cost To Our Community To Under $20

It really is as simple as that.

Right now, our costs are as low as they are going to be.

From here on out, they will rise, and as such – we will need to increase our prices.

What that means is, you can make some amazing savings – if and only if you act now.

On Top Of Those Savings, You Are Getting A Phenomenal Launch Offer Discount – Saving You Even More!

We’ve decided to take things one step further and really deliver exceptional value by giving you an even better offer.

We’ve reduced the signup price EVEN further and added an extra special opportunity on top.

Put simply – the quicker you act, the more you save.

Here Is Why You Need To Take Action Now

We Have An EXTRA Daily Fast Action Discount. The Quicker You Sign Up, The More You Save

The longer you wait, the lower the fast action discount.

The reason for this is simple – those people who take action fastest are usually those who see the best results.

We’re looking to build an army of testimonials from people like you. So – because you’re more likely to take action with software if you take action to signup now – we’ve sweetened the deal!

IMPORTANT: There Is One Slight ‘Catch’…

High end marketing tools typically sell for hundreds if not thousands of Dollars. The reason is simple – they cost huge amounts to be developed and they are designed to give massive returns to users.

So – rather than waste your money on software that will do very little in terms of your bottom line – invest in tools that really get the job done.

When SemantixPro has its public launch – the price will be $67 – but as an part of our community – during the launch period,  we are offering a massive discount.

There is one small catch – in return for this massive discount…

We ask the you provide an honest, written testimonial for SemantixPro.


As an exclusive bonus to JVzoo customers we have decided to offer a FREE “Outsourcers 3 Machine” license worth $47!

Act now because its only available for the 5 day launch.

  • SemantixPro Windows Desktop App = $67
  • Live Training Bonus = $47
  • 3 Machine “Outsourcers” License = $47

Total Real-World Value For Today Only = $161

Click The Buy Button Below And Get Instant Access!

Discount Reduces With Every Sale…Hurry!

SemantixPro Software

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

We want to remove all your risk and make this the easiest decision to buy software this year!

So, take 30 days to try SemantixPro and if you are not 100% happy then we do not want your money.

Send us a quick email and we will instantly refund every penny and even thank you for giving SemantixPro a try.

That’s how confident we are that you will love it!


SemantixPro Software

Don’t forget to order now, and you will get instant access.

Looking forward to seeing you in the members area,


Simon Greenhalgh and Andy Black



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